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Dear Guests!!

1.     We have one full apartment with own entrance. In the apartment is it 2 sleeping room, big living room (40 m2). It is bed space for 7 persons. Kitchen with everything you need, the appartment is fully equipped with, towels, bedclothes and so on. TV with cable, stereo, Computer with ADSL., possible to park in garage for one car, outside garage, 4 cars. All included.

2.     We have one room (studio) with own bathroom. It is possible for 3 persons to sleep in the Studio. The studio has a mini kitchen with fridge, micro, coffeemaker and eggboiler. There are TV and stereo + video. The room is fully equipped with bedclothes etc. The bathroom has shower and bidet. There are towels and shampoo, hairdryer, curler etc. If you want to make dinner, you can make it in our kitchen.

3.     We have one room in the main floor with 3 beds , this is with bathroom in the hall. 

We'll do the shopping before you arrive, just mail us the list. You pay for food and this service when you arrive.

To the air port it is 10 minute with car. We live nearby the big shoppingcenter Lagunen and local shop.

There are 2 minutes to walk to the bus to the city. The bus need around 20 minutes to centre of the town. The railwaystation is in the city.

There are many tourist attractions nearby us. Trollhaugen, Siljustøl, Fana church (800 year old stonechurch), Fanastøl, Ulrikken with cablecar, Fløyen with funicular, Bryggen, Lysekloster, Lysøen  and many other nice things to see.


In the Summertime is it also possible to:


  • Walking around in small streets recommended from the local born husband 
  • Travel "Norway in a nutshell" – a trip with boat, train and bus
  • Look and participate in Folklore with traditional food
  • Take a Sightseeing around the harbour and nearby fjord
  • It is also good bikeroads here. We have bikes for hire. 
  • Possibility to rent small or big boat for a day or two,  or a week
  • It's also nice to walk in the nearby hills – we are local, so we know where to go!!
  • In the garden we have a trampoline and a pool for warm summerdays

We make our own special barbeque with specialities from Bergen – for a small fee – you can choose between fish, prawn, crab or meat

We have good connections with local rent a car for pleasant price!

We can for a small fee help You with different routes, so you'll be able to travel by your own and discover our beautiful nature!

 If you have some special request, we'll help you as good as possible!

Specials for Autumn, winter and early Spring

About ½ hour with car:

  • Museum of all categories
  • Skiing (winter)
  • Swimming pool with "things to do" for children (around the year)
  • Fishing from land – possibility to rent a small boat (saltwater) (around the year)
  • Fishing from land (freshwater) (around the year)
  • Aquarium (around the year)
  • In the season: hunting small animals (rabbit, ducks a.o.)
  • Possible to skate (late autumn and whole winter)


Within 1 ½ hour with car: 

Several Ski-centres with possible to rent what you need for skiing



We wish you very welcome and hope you will enjoy to stay in Bergen area.


Best regards from Solveig, Jan-Georg and Jan-Gunnar Klausen at Lerkebo B&B

Sætervegen 40       5236 Rådal       Norway      Tlph. +47 55 13 62 44  Fax. +47 55 13 38 50.


 NB! Use these links to take a look on our house! 

 Pay in advance, use this:

Bank accountnr: 36246464043

Sparebank 1 Vest


Paperformated IBAN nummer:

NO02 3624 6464 043

Electronic IBAN nummer:






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